What does B.D.F.O. stand for?

Bold. Determined. Fierce. Outstanding. Because we believe that we should all feel B.D.F.O. in the clothes we wear.

What was the inspiration for the brand?

"I've always struggled finding clothes that fit me right and make me feel good about myself. I realized that most girls struggle with the same negative shopping experience, that leaves us questioning our own self worth. There's a lack of a positive clothing shopping experiences that leave us feeling good about ourselves. My solution to this problem is: B.D.F.O., on a mission to instill confidence through clothing, promote positivity instead of exclusivity, and create a sustainable twist on clothing trends. "

- Ruby Sulter

What does it mean to "Define Yourself."?

Defining yourself is about ditching the negativity we put on our size tags. Instead of letting the number in the tag define you, Define Yourself.