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What Is B.D.F.O Lifestyle?

Clothing designed with you in mind.

B.D.F.O. stands for Bold. Determined. Fierce. Outstanding.

We chose these words because we believe we should all feel B.D.F.O. in the clothes we wear.

We believe in ditching the power in clothing sizes, and defining yourself.

Transforming the way you feel about yourself, through clothes as cool as you are.


About B.D.F.O. Lifestyle

At B.D.F.O. we’re on a mission to instill confidence and positivity to our female audience by creating a positive fashion experience. We ensure that our designs are based on timeless pieces that compliment all body types, and ditch the fast-fashion standard of recreating size-specific, in-the-moment trends. Along with our clothing styles, we promote our mission with our new heart-shaped sizing, by keeping a positive social media presence, and ensuring that our sustainability is a priority. 

“"I started B.D.F.O. because I get the struggle with clothing. It's way too hard to find clothes that I can just feel good in, and feel good about buying. Sizes never match up and it’s hard to find pieces that just fit right! I felt like there needed to be a brand that was made for every body, and created with the intention of instilling confidence. So, I created B.D.F.O., a brand designed to empower us and the planet, building sustainable confidence in the day-to-today lifestyle. I wanted to create a brand that would strive to bring confidence to every body, ensuring that there’s a brand that young women can deeply connect with. I hope you feel so B.D.F.O. when you wear my new brand :)" - Ruby Sulter

The name, B.D.F.O. stands for Bold, Determined, Fierce, and Outstanding. Because we believe that we should feel Bold, Determined, Fierce, and Outstanding especially in the clothes we buy and wear. 

We love our Green Planet, so we've made sure our styles help keep it clean. With each new design, we select fabrics with low (or no) impact on the environment, manufacture ethically, and improve our distribution process. Some of our styles are even made from recycled plastic bottles!

Our Cores.

  • The Perfect Fit

    The "perfect fit" is always hard to come by, so we created heart-sizing to take out the negativity of numerical sizing. We hope this helps you find the best fit for you without over thinking trying a different size.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable sourcing and manufacturing is key to helping out mother nature. And keeping fashion eco-friendly is just the BDFO thing to do!

  • Flattering Styles

    At B.D.F.O. we design with you in mind by designing using the most universally flattering shapes and lines in all of our timeless pieces.