About Us

Bold Determined Fierce Outstanding
We're on a mission to instill confidence through clothing, allowing women to live Bold. Determined. Fierce. Outstanding lifestyles #DefineYourself :)
Our clothing tags are made with hearts instead of numbers allowing you to ditch the negativity of a number and #DefineYourself
We are determined to create a social presence that uplifts ever body, unlike the highly edited, photoshopped images seen on social media and online shopping.
We believe in sustainable slow fashion. We use eco-friendly fabrics, recyclable packaging and ethical labor
We believe in sustainable essentials when it comes to clothing so that you can dress them up or down easily. Pieces that make you feel like your best self and help you Define Yourself throughout your day. Each of our designs is made specifically with you
We love to include B.D.F.O. lovers in every photoshoot. No professional experience needed, just your  Bold. Determined. Fierce. Outstanding. self ;)